Alliance with the Sun

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Adaptation to the hot dry climate is clearly a vital issue governing nearly all the human activities in the targeted zones, causing rarity of freshwater for drinking or irrigation purposes. According to strategic analysts, the near future wars will be fights for energy and water resources.

This vision is the radical solution to the global warming and desertification problems, its application is very urgent for many countries and for the international peace and security, i.e. it is a matter of life or death.

Weather and Climate Control (WCC), and Water Cycle Management (WCM) in hot dry climate areas or cities may be fulfilled via using current or specifically developed technologies to develop, manufacture and install huge thermal insulating screens against Sun Radiation in space at the geostationary altitude or on other specific locations.

This vision introduces a new technique to be used to control the weather, climate and to manage the water cycle by raining from air or clouds which do not exist in the desired place where rain is needed, in further it can export Sun Radiation (ESR), or work as a Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) Satellite. Right now, there is no other technique that can do so.

The major effect of this method or technique is the dramatic introduction of an integrated system for wind driving and rain control, which in turn may compensate the increase of the emitted thermal energies due to recent intensive human activities causing the Global Warming by reducing a corresponding amount of the entering Sun Thermal Radiation Energy; it may also change the deserts, into cultivated lands or at least resist desertification; change dramatically the cropping mix of those targeted areas. Furthermore, it can export Sun Radiation, or work as a Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) Satellite.

This technique has a fail-safe property, long lifetime, flexibility and instantaneousness control, low running cost, high economic feasibility … etc. It needs high initial researches, investments, multi-national collaboration.

The needed time to establish this screen over a medium size city, e.g. Doha, Qatar, where will be hosted FIFA Cup 2022, is expected to elapse about 8 years. The required material resources: support system, screening material, transparency control system and position control system. Fortunately, all the major space powers can make this screen; furthermore, many countries can partially contribute to several phases of developing, manufacturing and installing it. Experts assure that for a screen to cover the city of Doha (132 sq. km) the cost of the space system is roughly 2.5 Billion USD. Qatar has committed 36 Billion USD on the infrastructure among 100 for the event.

This Project needs a state support; it should be a national interest, so the Development Team suggests mobilizing peoples’ momentum and media support for the Project. If only consider that the economic saving is solely due to saving 50% of Air Conditioning Energy Consumption, then the initial costs will be restored within 4 years, whereas its expected life time is not less than 10 years.

This is a new wide application of already known applied scientific knowledge and proofed technologies, thus: “If simultaneously apply the theory of geostationary (the satellites’) altitude with the theory of screening of the Sun Thermal Radiation to a certain area on the earth’s surface then: the local thermal Radiation, temperatures and atmospheric pressure will decrease, the winds will be flown there, the local relative humidity will increase, the possibility of rain fall will increase, the vaporization rate will decrease … etc., all those phenomena are scientifically logical, practically possible, ecologically safe and economically feasible, in further this screen can Export Sun Radiation (ESR), or work as a Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) Satellite”.

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